Summer holiday

Summer Holiday is an educational and recreational facility for children aged 6-14. Each tour is thematic and every team has its own traditions, anthem, identity and, of course, legend. Summer Holidays philosophy is based on ecology of environment, ecology of relationships and ecology of personality.

How to gain energy for a new study year? What kind of recreation would the most beneficial for a child? Parents of our Schools students never have to ask such questions! They do know that the best vacation time their children can get is at Summer Holiday Camp.

Summer Holiday Camp keeps its doors open not only for our Schools students but also for all children whose parents wish to make their vacation time both enjoyable and useful.

Each tour at Summer Holiday is a bright and exciting story which makes the camps inhabitants bold adventurers. Tutors and facilitators help children discover new worlds worlds of legends and fantasies, worlds of history and culture.

But children not just play and do sports all the time. They learn to create. They have music classes, beadwork, chess, moulding, appliqué and karate. Indeed, there is a lot else to do during summer holidays.

Every night, children with their tutors gather around the Candle of Confession and confide their secret wishes and concerns to candlelight. Their dearest wish is for the new day to come soon so they can return to the camp and enjoy their favorite activities.

At the end of each tour, parents are invited to good-bye show where moms, dads, grandpas and grandmas can see what their children have learned during 21 days of the camp tour. Children are singing and dancing, and their parents are proudly browsing through portfolios containing all items handcrafted by their sons or daughters.

Want to make your childs dreams come true? Wish to make an unforgettable holiday for your kids? Summer Holiday is the best choice your child will really appreciate splendid time at the camp!