Basic General Education is the final stage of compulsory education in the Russian Federation. Therefore, one of the basic requirements to content of education at this stage is the achievement of a high level of functional literacy by students which is required of a person in modern life and society, both in mathematics & science and in society & culture areas of study.

Одной из важнейших задач основной школы является подготовка обучающихся к осознанному и ответственному выбору жизненного и профессионального пути. Условием достижения этой задачи является последовательная индивидуализация обучения, предпрофильная подготовка на завершающем этапе обучения в основной школе.

One of the most important tasks of basic education is preparation of students to conscious and responsible choice of way of living and professional path. A prerequisite to fulfillment of this task is consistent individualization of study and pre-specialization training during the final stage of basic school study.

Federal component of the governmental standard for basic general education determines the list of required school subjects: Russian, Literature, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Informatics and Information Technology, History, Social Studies (including Economics and Law and Introduction to Spiritual and Ethical Culture of Peoples of Russia), Geography, Nature Study, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Art (Graphic Arts and Music Art), Technology, Physical Training and Fundamentals of Public Safety).

Study is based on a synthesis of didactic systems: Didactic System of Developmental Education by L.V. Zankov, traditional programme and “School 2100” Educational System.