Istochnik Private School student has been awarded by Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation

Nikita Ryabov, 8-grade student of Istochnik Private School, was nominated for Russian award of talented young people support under priority national project “Education”.

This award was given for victory in the annual open regional “New Generation” competition of innovation projects of children and youth in “Human-Nature” category. Nikita and S. Ermolaeva, his scientific supervisor, teacher of geography and biology of Istochnik Private School, PhD in Biology, presented their project “Assessment of negative impact of environmental factors on human body by means of micronucleus test”. Research work made by Nikita Ryabov will be published in collection of scientific articles “Creativity and harmonization of individual”. His project was also recommended for participation in the “New time”, the International exhibition of innovations and new technologies.

Expert council included Candidates and Doctors of Science of Ulyanovsk State University, Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University, as well as teachers of extended education. The Expert council was chaired by Jamile Katamanova (Crimea), Doctor of Biological Sciences, Director of the Center of living systems research in Simferopol. Over 100 schoolchildren and students of general education institutions of Ulyanovsk and its region, as well as Engineering and Pedagogical University of Crimea took part in the competition. They are all engaged in research and project activities, scientific and technical, social and artistic creativity.

We congratulate Nikita Ryabov with the high achievement and the School with successful students, the future stars of the Russian science!

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