Istochnik Private School becomes a IB World School

Istochnik Private School has been recognized as an authorized International Baccalaureate (IB) World School.

The International Baccalaureate Organization issued an approval certificate on 9 July 2014 authorizing the school to carry out educational activities under the IB Diploma Programme  a two-year course for senior high school students. Upon completion of such programme, students will receive a IB diploma with an ability to apply to virtually any of 2,000 higher education institutions worldwide without entrance examinations. The educational level demonstrated in certified IB schools has proved itself as significantly exceeding general requirements of national standards. IB graduates are gladly welcomed to universities of Russia and abroad.

International experts Sema Kan and David Jones with school teachers and students
International experts Sema Kan and David Jones with school teachers and students

The process of authorization and certification became a success thanks to comprehensive efforts, professionalism and dedication of the school staff, students and their parents. It was started in September 2012, and the schools tenth-graders would begin their Diploma Programme in the forthcoming academic year already.

It was challenging. We were the first in the region who dared to proceed with the project. There are currently 3,859 schools in 148 countries working in the International Baccalaureate system, with only 19 of them in Russia. The Istochnik school has now become part of Russias international school education as well as the global educational network, said the school principal Galina Pazekova.

We are in debt to our founder Volga-Dnepr Airlines and our teaching advisor Ulyanovsk State University for their support and assistance in certifying the school under the IB programme. The future promises us interesting prospects and important activities, said the Istochnick school project leader Irina Yakovleva.

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