The “Graduation Bell” tolls in Istochnik Private School

The graduation bell tolled for the 9th grade graduates Vsevolod Yakovlev, Ravil Snagatullin and Dmitry Nikitin in Istochnik Private School on 23 May.

A real celebration was organized for the students who came to the center of auditorium under the storm of applause and congratulations. Everybody’s attention was turned on them that day.

The first-graders recited poetry and wished successful examinations. Older students sang a touching song and danced, also presenting the graduates with hand-made “A’s” souvenirs and hand-drawn portraits of students. In their turn, the graduates thanked the teachers and presented them flowers. The “Graduation Bell” went great, but after the formal part students returned back to classes to get prepared for the exams ahead.


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