Istochnik School Students Take Part in City IT Competition

Students of Istochnik Private School took the second place in Infoznaika IT competition held in the Children and Youth Creativity Palace, Ulyanovsk, Russia within the framework of the Science & Technology Week.

Different city schools participated in this competition. Istochnik Private School was represented by Alexey Shildayev and Robert Kronchev, both 4th grade students, and Artyom Belov and Maksim Kuzmin, 5th grade students.

In the course of the competition students were to show their knowledge of PC hardware, do practical exercises using text and graphic editors and perform several tasks requiring special attention and quick understanding skills. As a result, students of Istochnik School won the second place having showed very good results.

The prize winners were awarded sweet prizes and certificates issued by the Administration of Ulyanovsk City.

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