Global Operations simulation game in Charter Operations Project School

During Charter Operations Project School session the teenager students took part in Global Operations simulation game that was held by Victoria Lapshina, training specialist of a Corporate University of Volga-Dnepr Group.

The game rules involved each participant as an employee of WWM international airline (WorldWideMovers). It took two hours for schoolchildren to try the positions of company top managers, finance, marketing and sales experts as well as customers and suppliers. Students were excited to arrange and support the air transportation of equipment, jewellery and livestock. Participants of the game calculated the cost of operations, controlled on-time performance for each aircraft arrival and departure, kept in touch with the customers, exchanged timely and exact information on cargo status. The game was very emotional and participants were so pleased that they asked to devote the next lesson on 12 February to the “Global operations”.

Alexander Lomovskih, the project manager, summarized: “Participation in the realistic game gave the students an opportunity to understand and master the skills and techniques of cargo operations”.

Corporate Communications Department, Project Management Division

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