Airplanes are Our Passion

Students of Istochnik private school were named winners of “Airplanes are Our Passion” contest, a city-wide event to commemorate the 125th anniversary of birthday of the legendary airplane designer, three times Hero of Socialist Labor Andrey Tupolev. The event was held in the Ulyanovsk Regional Center of Children’s Technical Creativity.

The team representing Istochnik school was composed of Zlata Lukyanova, Nikita Ryabov and Valera Soshnikov.

The contestants had to pass four stations accomplishing a specific assignment at each of them. They were tested on aviation history, answered questions on biography of Andrey Tupolev, assembled crafted wood airplane models and launched gliders. Children were also shown a short-length documentary about the first supersonic airliner TU-144 designed by Tupolev Design Bureau.

The team of Istochnik school excelled in all assignments and topped the list of contestants in total score.

While children were on their contest routes, teachers also had fun. They received a master class on crafting a paper model of TU-160, a supersonic strategic heavy bomber nicknamed White Swan by pilots.

Our congratulations!

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