Volga-Dnepr Airlines launches Cargo Charters School

A group of students from Istochnik private school will receive a year-long training course on fundamentals of cargo charter process in Volga-Dnepr Airlines.

The course is intended to provide its participants with basic knowledge of how the charter process is organized and identify the potential of future aviators.

The program will cover the 8th to 10th grade students with Intermediate English proficiency level. It is expected that the teenagers will meet on a biweekly basis and receive an opportunity to familiarize with 50 case studies. The curriculum will also include classes on load planning, air information service, ground handling, flight dispatch and flight operation processes. The students will learn how to communicate with customers and obtain their feedback. The training schedule will have sessions of visiting the company’s Flight Operations Control Center and flying the AN-124-100 full flight simulator. In addition, a tour around aerodrome facilities will be arranged to show kids the actual loading of the aircraft. The course will be instructed by airline employees.

Upon completion of training, the students will receive recommendations on their choice of profession.

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