The Knowledge Day in Istochnik Private School

Traditionally, the new school year started with hoisting the flag. Then students let the doves of peace fly. Istochnik Private School reopened its doors for students for the ninth time. Six more first-grade students were welcomed this year. Senior students tied sky-blue scarves on the newcomers as part of an established initiation ceremony, and teachers gave them a symbolic flame of knowledge that would accompany them throughout the years of school education.

On behalf of Volga-Dnepr Airlines, Vladimir Lyukin, First Deputy HR Director congratulated children and their teachers on the start of new school year. He expressed his hope that in the near future Istochnik school graduates would become a core of VDA team working as pilots, maintenance specialists and dispatchers.

After a gala concert, the school bell rang to invite all students to the first lesson called “The future begins today”.

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