16.02.2015 Certificate of Recognition from the Governor
Nikita Ryabov, the student of Istochnik Private School and award holder of the President of the Russian Federation, received Certificate of Recognition from Sergey Morozov, Governor of Ulyanovsk Region. Read more
19.01.2015 New Year’s performance at Istochnik Private School
30 December Istochnik Private School presented the New Year's performance. “Santa Claus and space pirates” theatrical play was the highlight of performance. Read more
11.11.2014 Celebrating Halloween at Istochnik Private School
Pupils of Istochnik Private School celebrated Halloween. It was cheerful, bright and memorable holiday that brought a lot of positive emotions. Read more
02.10.2014 Istochnik Private School student has been awarded by Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation
Nikita Ryabov, 8-grade student of Istochnik Private School, was nominated for Russian award of talented young people support under priority national project “Education”. Read more
04.09.2014 The Knowledge Day in Istochnik Private School
A new academic year started in Istochnik Private School on 1 September. On a ceremonial line-up the school flag was hoisted and pupils released balloons to the sky as the beginning of celebration and new academic year. Read more
18.07.2014 Istochnik Private School becomes a IB World School
Istochnik Private School has been recognized as an authorized International Baccalaureate (IB) World School. Read more
03.07.2014 Golf Course Project Goes At Full Speed
A Golf Course project is underway in Istochnik Private School. As part of its implementation, a group of students together with the project leader and supervisor visited a golf club in Kazan, Russia. Read more
26.06.2014 Nine-Year Students of Istochnik School Receive Diplomas of Graduation
Graduates of Istochnik Private School received official Diplomas of Primary Secondary Education on 19 June 2014. Read more
28.05.2014 The “Graduation Bell” tolls in Istochnik Private School
The graduation bell tolled for the 9th grade graduates Vsevolod Yakovlev, Ravil Snagatullin and Dmitry Nikitin in Istochnik Private School on 23 May. Read more
21.05.2014 Istochnik took part in IB International Conference
23-25 April Istochnik Private School participated in the VIII Annual International Conference of the International Baccalaureate Schools Association of Commonwealth of Independent States in Perm. Read more
21.03.2014 Istochnik School Students Take Part in City IT Competition
Students of Istochnik Private School took the second place in “Infoznaika” IT competition held in the Children and Youth Creativity Palace, Ulyanovsk, Russia within the framework of the Science & Technology Week. Read more
13.02.2014 Global Operations simulation game in Charter Operations Project School
During Charter Operations Project School session the teenager students took part in Global Operations simulation game that was held by Victoria Lapshina, training specialist of a Corporate University of Volga-Dnepr Group. Read more
29.01.2014 Istochnik Private School ranked highest among the Top Hundred Schools of Russia
Istochnik School has been awarded gold medal at the Top Hundred Schools of Russia Contest, and the School Principal, Galina Pazekova has been honoured with the medal of Principal of the Year 2013. Read more
28.12.2013 Olympic Torch Visits Istochnik Private School
The city of Ulyanovsk hosted Russia's Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Torch Relay on 26 December.

Thousands of people eye-witnessed the Olympic flame circling the central streets, as well as soaring above Ulyanovsk on AN-124-100 aircraft.

Read more
19.12.2013 Volga-Dnepr Airlines launches Cargo Charters School
A group of students from Istochnik private school will receive a year-long training course on fundamentals of cargo charter process in Volga-Dnepr Airlines. Read more
04.12.2013 Non-Childish Games for Builders of the Future
The Challenge of Egypt business game was played at Istochnik private school of Volga-Dnepr Group on 25 October  and marked the ending of students’  theoretical training in project management with the next practical learning stage of implementing a children’s  work project “The Golf Course” to follow. Read more
28.11.2013 Airplanes are Our Passion
Students of Istochnik private school were named winners of “Airplanes are Our Passion” contest, a city-wide event to commemorate the 125th anniversary of birthday of the legendary airplane designer, three times Hero of Socialist Labor Andrey Tupolev. The event was held in the Ulyanovsk Regional Center of Children’s Technical Creativity. Read more
16.10.2013 Istochnik School Projects Took the First Prize at International Salon of Inventions and New Technologies "New time"
Students of Istochnik School won gold medals of Innovative Projects International Exposition in Youth Inventor category. This event was held under the auspices of Euroinvent World Forum of Inventors and Researchers in Sevastopol, Ukraine on 26 – 27 September 2013. Read more
11.10.2013 The Teachers’ Day – Honoring Teachers
The students of Istochnik Private School congratulated teachers on their professional holiday – the Teachers’ Day. Read more
02.09.2013 The Knowledge Day in Istochnik Private School
Istochnik Private School reopened its doors for students for the ninth time. Six more first-grade students were welcomed this year. Read more

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