School traditions

  1. Student Life Diary. This is a correspondence between children, teachers and parents providing an opportunity to a student to learn new about him-/herself , and relevant feedback. The information is served in an uncompromised manner, kindly and formal style and sets a reference for the next benchmark or correctly harmonizes an actual status of a student and shows to a parent at a Todays Character of a child. The Diary will be filled in upon completion of each academic block.
  2. Class Name. The Class Name is mutually generated by students and a teacher, and gives the feeling of unity.
  3. Class Regulations. These are rules accepted and implemented by the class. Class Regulations are manifested in schemes, permitting and prohibiting symbols. Regulations are maintained at Class Information Corner.
  4. Progress Tree (Individual of Class Tree). The Progress Tree reflects progress achieved by students. A tree leaf will be issued for acquiring a new skill, while a bough for the development of a new stable capacity.
  5. Reflection Circle. . This is the time when all the class gather together in a circle. The topic is the same as the topic of the day. In the morning, targets and activities of the day are defined; objectives for the day set by catch phrase, affirmation. In the evening: reflection, implementation of the set objectives: what actually was done; feelings; how it helped the child, class mate, the class, or school; what more can be accomplished etc.
  6. «Spirit Style » school-wide recreative exercises. . The exercise pattern is based on the synthesis of oriental and western approaches to health issues. The exercises are conducted to dispose students towards in-house silence and the day ahead.
  7. Tea Ceremony. . Tea Ceremony objectives: psycho ecology of a person implemented through interactive activity of sensory apparatus (taste, colour, smell), oxygen enrichment of brain, treatment of characters etc. Generation of associative relations, training in etiquette.
  8. «Magic Bell »newspaper. The newspaper is handy instrument in resolving educational issues; a screen making everything visible Me and Others; except for the past events, contains announcements, details of future activities.
  9. Student and Parent Days. Family events involving sports, interpersonal and intellectual communications.
  10. Compendium of Student Essays. This is a bank of students word creation and catch phrases that will be a part of the future School Leavers Book. The material is provided by everybody: children, teachers, school personnel, families and neighbours…
  11. «Journey Book. ». This is a digest of creative works by children and adults dedicated to school leavers. Journey Book is a traditional present at the Farewell Party.
  12. Holidays. In addition to normal national holidays, these include other special days and weeks: Button Festival, Hat Festival, Flower Festival, Gift Festival, Water Day, Everything Contrariwise etc.
  13. Student Initiation. . A solemn initiation of first-graders as Students, includes presentation of souvenirs with school symbols: blue ties, badges and other gifts. The event is normally held after September 1.