After classes

It is not by chance that Istochnik has been defined as an experimental school. Its teaching staff are positive supporters of developing training system which was created by an outstanding pedagogue and children psychologist, Leonid Zankov. According to the system, school education has flexible structure which includes discussions on read or viewed information, didactical games, intense independent activities by students, collective search for causes, results and regularities. The most important aspect here is developing student capabilities to think, observe and act.

The school operates in a full time pattern. The academic year includes six terms or sectors (each 5 to 6 week period) and five academic holidays.

In the second half of the schooling day, creative studios are run.

Academic holidays include individual classes, studio activities, theater and museum visits arranged etc.

Off-class activities are arranged with consideration of intellectual and moral development concept, education programme, and educational work annual plan.