Subject to Our New School national education initiative, the main principle of the new school education policy is the priority on free personality development, while main spheres of personality self-determination, i.e. Human, Society, Nature, and Anthroposphere may become sources of educational content.

In modern education environment, necessity to change the essence of education process has evolved. This has relevance to the fact that it is becoming more and more essential for students that they learn and self-educate rather than ability acquisition process (other than knowledge, abilities and skills as a result of the process), where knowledge, experience, and competencies become means of development and self-education of a person.

DSC_0112_l.jpgAs an alternative to sociocentric, person-alienated education paradigm, we consider anthropocentric school concept which serves as an imperative to preserve integrity and intangible qualities of man. The primary leading idea to a school concept is personal self-development.

Based on the humanistic pedagogics of cooperation, we consider facilitation is the most efficient education process arrangement strategy, assistance and stimulation of personal self-development in bringing oneself educated, moral, and intellectually wealthy person capable of self-education and creativeness, physically healthy, and with active citizenship attitude.

IMG_0483_l.jpgBeing well-educated means possession of various types of knowledge generating an integral world view as representation system with unchanged search for positive attitude.

Morality is determined by efficient aspiration towards acting voluntarily in accordance with society-standard ethic values.

09_l.jpg Intangible qualities involve ability of self-estimating, unselfish aspiration for truth, kindness and esthetic beauty representing humane essence in a human being.

Apprehension of these requirements to education, analysis the schools experience and educational experience allow to determine the purpose of the school, choose the correct development trend and establish both strategic and technological levels of the school development.