Graduating Student Portrait

A measure of efficiency and quality of education process consisting in provision of new knowledge to student is a conscientious learning and emergence of personalized reason for education.

  1. Being a harmonized personality — means understanding importance of personal intellectual, physical and psychological balance, and social wellbeing.
  2. Being a humanist — means love for one’s neighbours and others, be able to cooperate with people, inspire others with one’s ideas, examples and workmanship.
  3. Being a thinker — means to apply creative thinking skills in decision-making and solving problem situations, and be able to positively analyze own strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Being diplomatic in relations with other people — means being able to identify deficiencies while appreciating merits, being quick with action while slow with judgments.
  5. Being a speech master — means to speak wisely and correctly, several languages, to be able to interact with audience, and build up dialogue.
  6. Possessing fairness inherent to an intelligent person.
  7. Life concept must be optimistic

The anticipated outcome of implementing the above conceptual targets, which outcome must not, in our opinion, be taken as a fixed standard, but approximate trajectories of personal growth, resides in a school leaver possessing the following desirable features: