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Establishment of Istochnik School has evolved from Volga-Dnepr Group strategy and is part of its corporate culture and social orientation of its ‘Human Face Business’;

A.I. Isaykin, President VD Group:

«All social-oriented projects by Volga-Dnepr Group must be aimed at resolving key issues of the modern society. These projects must be ahead of time in generating high-level safety, civilized ecology level and ultimately create highly cultured human life environment».

Erena Yakovleva, Project Manager, Istochnik Experimental School:

«School takes a significant period in human life. When a person goes to school, apart from knowledge, he/she receives certain social attitudes. In the project the focus has been placed on maximum possible development of mental outlook and multiple intellect. Students are given opportunities to give it a try in various fields, and fulfill their creative potential. School’s objectives include teaching a child to learn, learn enthusiastically and meaningfully; teaching to apply necessary knowledge, and to be a proactive manager of own future».



16.02.2015 Certificate of Recognition from the Governor
Nikita Ryabov, the student of Istochnik Private School and award holder of the President of the Russian Federation, received Certificate of Recognition from Sergey Morozov, Governor of Ulyanovsk Region.

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Our advantages

Квалифицированные педагоги

Teacher-icon.pngВ штат школы входят 50 квалифицированных педагогов с многолетним опытом преподавания


home_school_about_icon.png   13 лет опыта работы в сфере образования


food-no.pngСобственная кухня, сбалансированное меню


icon-22.pngКруглосуточная охраняемая территория

Удобное местоположение

map-7.png  Школа расположена в непосредственной близости от города, в лесопарковой зоне.


icon_slide_3.png   Школа расположена в экологически чистом районе


post-2033-0-83742200-1406173274.png100% сдача ЕГЭ

Малочисленные классы

iteach.pngНебольшая наполняемость класса позволяет уделять время на уроке каждому ученику.


Diploma1.png100% качество образования


icon7.pngВ нашей школе особое внимание уделяется здоровьесберегающим технологиям и физическому развитию детей.

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